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In 1920 a dream was born on this 370 square meter plot of land with a spectacular view of the Pagasitikos Gulf. The original builder - and subsequent owners including the current one - have preserved the building and its surroundings with astonishing care, love and attention to detail. The impeccably kept grounds are accented and bordered by traditional stone-walls, and although this classy home lies within the village limits (a three minute walk will take you to Lafkos’ splendid village square), it offers a tremendous amount of privacy.

Over the last 12 years, extensive work and renovations have been performed by the current owner, sparing no expense whatsöver. This Pelion property has been fully renovated using traditional materials in order to keep and preserve its original features and appearance. The entire house was rewired for a modern 3-phased power supply. All plumbing was redone, meeting and exceeding current building codes. The roof was waterproofed and completely re-laid, replacing any broken tiles. Telephone and internet connection was established. Terrestrial and satellite TV service was installed. The house was also equipped with a brand new German central heating system.

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Opening the iron front gate, we are taking in the grounds’ overall appearance. Everything is in excellent condition, reflecting the current owner’s attention to detail, appreciation and great respect for the wonderful original features of the house. The lush, well-kept landscaping is stunning. We continue up the garden path and reach the authentic marble stairs that lead up to the main entrance.

Standing in front of the three story building, which consists of the main building, a new extension and the BBQ area, the natural stones that were used to construct this dwelling demand nothing but admiration. The same materials were also used for the walls and garden paths, which contributes to the great visual appeal. Walking up the marble staircase leads to a beautiful large double front door. Upon entering the 250 square meter (approximate) house, a generous hallway welcomes the home’s visitors. From there, a majestic staircase leads to the upper floor.

Off this foyer, three doors grant access to a study (with an original, working fire place), a main bathroom and the beautiful living room with its original stone walls and yet another corner fire place. From the study, a terrace with impressive views of the Pagasitikos Gulf can be accessed. This home was built to last, and it was obviously designed with style and elegance in mind. After all, all components visibly complement each other, whether it is the furniture, the overall design of the dwelling, the well-chosen materials that were used, or the many, many time period correct details.

Back in the hallway, we climb the stairs to the upper floor, which leads to four bedrooms. At the top of the stairs you will also come across a double glass door. It provides access onto a little balcony, which is built above the main entrance, offering more gorgeous views of the village and the sea. Dark wooden floors throughout the entire house and giant ceilings made of vintage timber will no doubt wow anybody with an appreciation for the architecture and style of bygone eras. Yet, this home does not exude the “stuffiness”, one may perhaps associate with a traditional, almost aristocratic property. It is in superb condition, inside and out, and thanks to its elaborate renovations it was clearly brought into the 21st century with comfort and convenience of its owners in mind. The four bedrooms upstairs are of good size and two of the bedrooms have large, double windows. The views from there are truly breathtaking. In the basement, guests will appreciate another bedroom with an en-suite shower room and a huge walk-in closet with brand new wall-to-wall cupboards. The adjacent Chef’s kitchen is furnished with everything one may ever need, including an authentic serving hatch to the adjacent dining area. Just a view steps down, you will enter the most impressive room of this estate: The formal dining room with its piano and access to the terrace in front of the house will no doubt impress even the most distinguished guests. Nearby, the utility room with its brand new German-built furnace and central heating system, is easily accessible.

Leaving this place is not easy. And it’s not the sheer space of this house with its five bedrooms (four on the first floor, one in the basement with and en-suite shower room), a study, a living room and the main bath on the ground floor (plus kitchen with dining room and the additional formal dining room) that makes it so difficult. It’s rather the overall feel, the character, of this estate. This is such a unique and special place, clearly impossible to be found anywhere else. However, while some may call it classy and stylish and others might refer to it as traditional or even aristocratic - we hope you will call it something else soon: Home.

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