Dear seller,

It's a matter of fact that you as a seller has to do pretty much home work to get all these things done in order to hold in your hands the following documents at the end of the day:

  • ID (Non EU citizens Passport)
  • Greek fiscal number (AFM)
  • Bank account at a greek bank institute
  • POA for a third party, if you are not able to be present on closing date
  • Certified notarial contracts of the transfer of the property what is now
  • Survey (Topographical plan) based on the greek coordinate sytem (datum)
  • E9 declaration of your ownership of this property
  • E1 declaration of your income in Greece even if you have none
  • Certificate of fiscal residence of your homeland, you can proove with that you are assessable in your homeland; otherwise you might be assessable in Greece with your worldwide income!
  • Special tax declaration (ETAK) of the year 2009
  • Certificate of the internal revenue service that you do not owe taxes to them
  • Certificate of the responsible municipality that you do not owe any dues to them (TAP)
  • Certified planning permits (only for constructed properties)
  • Certificate of an engineer, that any building on the property is legal, i.e. according to the permits (only for constructed properties)
  • Energy Passport (only for constructed properties)

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