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Chris in USA
As the first and unique successful cooperative down here Raccoon's Homes Incorporation felt the burden of its responsibility and aimed to promote the Greek country every day grasping every chance coming up to maintain the new status quo of modern mediation.

It was about the whole country to come forward and all of us had the order to be part of anything what can help improve its stature in the international stage, restore our national pride, and revive that feeling of optimism we so desperately need today. And we all achieved that with the result that the famous, heavy industry came back into play.

This powerful Cooperative made its contribution to this issue and helped to protect the quality of this industry that only a modern country with great cultural heritage can provide. From the very first day of our operation, be on renting, selling, building Pelion Estates / Properties, or be on just talking over related things with all participating members our goal was just to bring quality to the customers - let's say in form of culture.

At the end of the day we brought back values to our brokerage like integrity, friendlyness, faith specially into the future. It is about the way one sees his clients - we did and still do integrate them into the cooperative so they become part of the whole thing with all its benefits.

We all could manage to cultivate mediation environment and develop an affirmative perception of the participating or just watching people.

In 1996 Chris began working in the United States and formed his first co-operative. His idea was very simple: to facilitate the involvement of everybody in the area - locals, builders, craftsmen, owners and officials, and even foreigners of course, acting as buyers, sellers or investors. That way all profits of a transaction are shared throughout the community, and therefore protect and support the interests and welfare of the people living in and moving to the area.

Chris has carved his own niche also in Greece importing this idea of the cooperative, knowing the language as he does, and having the necessary contacts with the local population. Chris lives and works in the US and when present, his primary goal is to involve the community in order to help preserve Greece as the beautiful place it is today.

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