Dear seller,

It's a matter of fact that you as a seller has to do pretty much home work to get all these things done in order to hold in your hands the following documents at closing. Therefor we strongly recommend the consulation of an attorney at law to help you on these issues, which will in turn bring you in contact with a public accountant for the tax office issues. Otherwise the sale could easily become a nightmare for both parties.

  • ID (Non EU citizens Passport)
  • Greek fiscal number (AFM)
  • Bank account at a greek bank institute
  • POA for a third party, if you are not able to be present on closing date
  • Latest certified notarial contracts of the transfer of the property
  • Survey (Topographical plan) based on the greek coordinate sytem (datum)
  • E9 declaration of your ownership of this property
  • E1 declaration of your income in Greece even if you have none
  • Certificate of fiscal residence of your homeland, you can proove with that you are assessable in your homeland; otherwise you might be assessable in Greece with your worldwide income!
  • Special tax declaration (ETAK) of the year 2009
  • Certified planning permits (only for constructed properties)
  • Certificate of an engineer, that any building on the property is legal, i.e. according to the permits (only for constructed properties)
  • Energy Passport (only for constructed properties)
  • Mutally signed listing agreement with us

If you cannot provide above listed documents, we cannot list your property!

When closing comes closer, you are obliged to get the following two certificates (not older than 60 days):

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